BTR is dedicated to providing remote / offsite / onsite data integrity & backup services as well as warm standby servers, recovery CD’s and open file backup.

BTR provides remote / offsite / onsite data integrity backup services.

             Remote backup allows for automatic unattended offsite storage for your important data files.

Offsite backup allows for scheduled backup/imaging of key workstations and servers and long term offsite storage.

Onsite backup service provides scheduled evaluation and testing of all onsite backup systems and services.

Training / evaluation of onsite personnel in the use of critical backup systems can be scheduled on a regular basis.

In addition to offsite / onsite data integrity backup services BTR will have available Warm “standby” server service.

Warm standby server service includes partial dedicated server hardware ready to respond with data restored in 24 to 36 hours.

Standby workstations are available on a limited basis.

BTR services can provide restore / recovery CD’s for any need.

The recovery CD includes a built in restore program that allows for selected file restore / recovery or total restore / recovery for all files that are backed up.

Restore location is selectable and aids in testing and evaluation.

Additionally, restore / recovery CD’s can be used as an archival system if desired.

BTR services has the capability to backup open files.

Most common backup systems skip open files. Open files can include:

files left open by a user

database files that are locked open by leaving the application open

database files that are locked open due to continuous usage